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RetiCAM Floating Wrist Strap WS20

RetiCAM Floating Wrist Strap WS20

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RetiCAM Floating Wrist Strap for Waterproof Cameras, WS20, Orange

  • World's first mini tubes design for cameras! Premium floating strap capable of keeping your camera from sinking. An essential accessory for your underwater cameras, phones, keys or anything else you wish to keep afloat.
  • Strap is fully adjustable with a cord lock to ensure a perfect fit. An extra snap button offers quick, one-handed operation, and can be left open for larger wrist sizes.
  • Capture the perfect moment with the camera on or off your wrist, thanks to the quick connect buckle that makes it easy to attach or remove your camera. A strong lanyard secures your camera during water activities and it works in swimming pools, lakes, rivers and oceans.
  • Vibrant color is highly visible in the water. Cute mini tubes are kid's favorite!
  • Strap is designed to float a compact underwater camera for up to 9 oz. Also works with smartphone waterproof cases, keys, dry boxes, etc.

RetiCAM WS-20 Floating Wrist Strap is a perfect accessory for GoPro cameras, underwater digital cameras, and waterproof smartphones.

It's high buoyancy design can float a waterproof device for up to 9 oz. Since buoyancy depends not only on the device’s weight, but also its volume, we recommend that you always test your equipment in shallow waters first.

Made of highest-quality neoprene - the same material used in wet suits - it is comfortable to wear and quick to dry. An adjustable cord lock plus a convenient snap button ensure a perfect fit for all wrist sizes (for larger wrists, simply leave the snap button open).

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